FM 2008

Welcome to FM 2008!

FM'08 is the fifteenth in a series of symposia organized by Formal Methods Europe,, an independent association whose aim is to stimulate the use of, and research on, formal methods for software development. The symposia have been notably successful in bringing together innovators and practitioners in precise mathematical methods for software development, industrial users as well as researchers.

A program of five invited talks and 23 outstanding research papers provides the opportunity to learn about the newest developments in the theory and application of formal methods. The program covers a wide range of topics, including real-time and concurrency, design, verification, communication, runtime monitoring and analysis, constraint analysis, programming language analysis, formal methods practice, and grand challenge problems. As in the previous years, an Industry Day is dedicated for practitioners to share their experiences with industrial applications. This year's Industry Day investigates telecommunications and embedded systems, being supported by NOKIA. Speakers from five major industries will address this year's theme, together with the Johnson Professor Arvind from MIT.

Tutorials are a central part of this year's FM symposium, as an effective way of disseminating emerging application areas, tools, and techniques. This year we have six tutorials, given by renowned experts in their fields. The five co-located workshops address issues of specific formal techniques as well as novel computational models and grand challenges.

A Doctoral Symposium on all aspects of formal methods research is also part of FM'08, giving young researchers the opportunity to have their ideas critically, but constructively examined by the community. A Poster and Tool Exhibition of both research projects and commercial tools allows researchers to engage in a dialogue with potential users in early phases of their work.

We hope you will enjoy a rewarding symposium program!

Kaisa Sere, General Chair
Jorge Cuellar, Tom Maibaum, Program Chairs