FM 2008

Doctoral Symposium

27 May, 2008

Following the success of the Doctoral Symposium at FM'06, FM'08 also features a half-day Doctoral Symposium. Students have submitted short papers describing their work in progress. The authors of the accepted papers will present their work to the members of the Doctoral Symposium Committee, who will act as "friendly examiners", providing detailed feedback.

Symposium Format

The Doctoral Symposium will take a half-day. The participating students and committee members will spend this time together so that the students will get the opportunity to discuss their research issues.

The Doctoral Symposium has the following program:

9:00 Satish Misra and Holger Schlingloff. Formal specification methods for the improvement of process and product quality

9:30 Adrian Rutle. A formal approach to modeling and model transformations in software engineering

10:00 Georgeta Igna. Towards data path analysis using Uppaal

10:30 Break

11:00 Manish Gaur. A routing calculus for distributed computing

11:30 Gunnar Piho. Towards archetypes based domain model of clinical laboratory

12:00 Antonio Bucciarone. Formal specification and validation of dynamic software architectures

12.30 Closing


The proceedings of the Doctoral Symposium will be available at the event as a TUCS technical report.

Any further enquiries can be sent to the Doctoral Symposium Chair Elena Troubitsyna.